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Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 – A Quick Guide to Using Olaplex for Hair Growth

Olaplex Hair Care

A product that was once reserved for professional use in hair salons, Olaplex has since found its way into people’s homes. Olaplex has become a cult product with almost everyone, from haircare aficionados to beauty editors, and is regarded by Allure as one of the best hair products in the beauty business.

For those looking in from the outside, Olaplex, according to Bustle, is a brand with an eight-step product system designed to restore broken bonds in the hair, which in turn makes hair smoother, silkier, stronger, and more resilient. It is critical to note that of the eight-step product, two are meant for professional use, while the other six are available to buy and use at home.

The products for professional use in the salon are the Olaplex 1 Bond Multiplier and the Olaplex 2 Bond Perfector Treatment. The other products for home use are the Olaplex 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector, Olaplex 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, Olaplex 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, Olaplex 6 Bond Smoother, Olaplex 7 Bonding Oil, and Olaplex 8 Bond Intensive Mask.

When people hear the name Olaplex, what instantly comes to mind is the miracle product that creates silky smooth hair. But, can Olaplex actually grow your hair? Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about Olaplex 0Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8.

First things first, how does Olaplex work? According to dermatologists, the best product for hair growth is the Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector. The active ingredients in the product make it the ideal product for any hair as it strengthens weakened hair, repairs split ends, prevents future damages, increasing the softness and shine of your hair in the process.

According to Glamour, Olaplex works at the molecular level, repairing the bonds that make up the hair, and by restoring these bonds, it makes hair softer, stronger, and healthier. Olaplex is considered the “secret weapon” for healthier hair.

Can Olaplex Be Used for Hair Growth?

The Olaplex products are not designed to promote new hair growth, treat thinning hair, or hair loss. However, thousands of users have said that Olaplex has restored their confidence, and helped grow their hair. So, the next question becomes how can Olaplex help with hair growth when it was not particularly designed to do that?

The answer is indeed simple. Since Olaplex restores hair at the molecular level (inside the hair shaft), the treatment helps to keep the hair you already have healthy, breakage free, and strong, and it goes without saying that a healthy hair, is a growing hair.

Olaplex helps to repair the breakage and damage caused by hair treatments like bleaching or relaxing the hair, which makes your hair susceptible to breaking and prevents it from growing into a full luscious lock. Once the damages are repaired by Olaplex, and the bonds are intact and strong, your hair is likely to grow stronger, healthier, and go on to reach its growth potential.

When Can I Use Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, or Olaplex 8?

Finding and sticking to a particular hair routine can be challenging, but with Olaplex, you have a step-by-step process specifically designed to meet your hair needs and give you the best hair. Since Olaplex is a bit pricey, you can save some money by figuring out when to use the different Olaplex products.

Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 – The starting point of the eight-system product is the Olaplex no 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, which is the primer in the hair restoration process. The Olaplex 0 is designed to repair and strengthen, and it is great for any hair. Once the hair has been primed, Olaplex No 3 can be used after Olaplex no 0, as a cohesive treatment.

Olaplex 8 – Recently added to the product line of superheroes, the Olaplex No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask is a product engineered to give your hair the best possible appeal. It is ideal for use when you want to add an extra touch of care and treatment and feel your best.

If you decide to use Olaplex for your hair, you are in great company, since stars like Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Drew Barrymore use the same products. Olaplex delivers and your hair gets better for it.


Easy-Breezy Guide To Use Olaplex At Home Products

Olaplex's bond multiplier is a chemical additive which works with bleach and dye to keep hair healthy during lightning. Hair fibers, at their most basic level are made up of dead cells filled with keratin protein. When these proteins are exposed to bleach or color pigment molecules they become negatively charged, repelling one another instead of binding together. This causes damage during processing as bonds form between the positive charges left on adjacent keratin chains leading to breakage upon the application of heat (blow dryers and curling irons), brushing and styling. 

The Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8 minimizes this damage by adding positively charged groups ( cations ) to the protein chains allowing them to bind together. Bond multipliers are added just prior to the oxidizing dye or bleach product to stop over-processing and over-drying of the hair, keeping it strong and healthy looking.

Olaplex may be used with any product you currently use; however we would advise that your hairdresser does a strand test to ensure your hair responds well to this additive. There are 3 Bond Multipliers in the Olaplex system, one is shampoo compatible and can be used daily, another for use with color or lighter services and the third specifically for after care maintenance. 

Why are Olaplex products popular?

  •   reduces hair breakage (up to 95%)
  • repair damaged bonds in the hair structure during and post chemical service 
  • prevents future damage by up to 100% when used with bleach or dye services, UV/sun exposure or heat styling. Olaplex does not interfere with any coloring formulation including foil, powder, liquid or creme. - reduces drying time by 40% on average
  • contains no silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA's MEA's PEG's mineral oil lanolin alcohol formaldehyde parabens etc. Olaplex is safe for all hair types including color treated bleached fine natural kinky curly relaxed fragile thick unruly wet damaged dry frail thinning hair
  • Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8 are to be used before coloring color lightening and bleaching services  - no mixing required; apply directly into oxidizing dye or bleach mix  - leave-in formula that's shampoo compatible for daily use.
  • can be used to prolong color or lightener service by 25-50%
  • safe to use with all chemicals including relaxers, keratin straightening treatments etc.
  • can be used as an after care product without mixing into other products. Use alone every 4th shampooing.

Which type of hair should you use Olaplex?

It is best if Olaplex is done on virgin hair. It works well on bleached and highlighted hair (the treatment must not contain bleach). However, it hardly works for non-bleached hair, because the non-bleached hair has already experienced "oxidation" which will interfere with the effectiveness of this product. The bond multiplier ingredients are also quite large molecules that need open  links in your hair for them to work.

What is the buzz about Olaplex products?

The famous salon professional hair treatment, Olaplex, is a real revolution in the hairstyling business. The patented molecule Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which is the only ingredient that can break the disulphide bonds in the hair. The products that contain this original patented formula have been creating a lot of buzz for over two years now not only because of the results but also due to their many celebrity clientele from Hollywood to London and Australia. In fact, it is so popular that you will always see a poster advertising the product during your next trip to the hair salon. 

If it comes from Hollywood, it has to be good, right? I mean they have all those beauty secrets and tips and tricks and of course if beauties like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence use Olaplex , it has to be super amazing, right?

You should know though that Olaplex isn't only used in the US but also by other actresses like Emma Stone, Victoria Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and even Kim Kardashian.


Skyrocketed Over The Past Few Years - Olaplex At Home Treatment

Everyone from your hairdresser to your neighbors are raving about it, so surely there must be something to the hype, right? So let's take a look at what Olaplex is all about.

Olaplex is an innovative product that comes in three parts -- Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8. When used together they can mend broken bonds within hair that have been damaged by chemicals or heat styling tools like irons or hair dyes among others. Its purpose is to strengthen the hair while improving its texture and giving it shine before continuing with normal processing steps such as coloring. It also helps maintain hair because of its ability to target  broken bonds.

Olaplex comes in various forms depending on the kind of treatment it is used for, but its purpose remains the same -- to make your hair stronger and healthier by helping rebuild broken bonds within hair.

It's a major breakthrough because hair damage is now reversible with Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 which also protects hair against further damage caused by heat-styling tools and environmental aggressors among others. The catch? Olaplex works best when used together as one system with no mixing included!

How does Olaplex work?

First you must understand that this product does not contain any formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives such as DMDM hydantoin , diazolidinyl urea , imidazolidinyl urea , methenamine , quaternium-15, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate or 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3 diol -- so it's safe to use on all hair types without worry!

Olaplex essentially helps rebuild broken disulfide sulfur bonds within your hair. This is very important because about 85% of your hair shafts are composed of disulfide bonds that give strength to your tresses. The other 15% are cystine bonds which are not affected by Olaplex because they don't break down during chemical services .

Since Olaplex repairs broken sulfurs within your tresses, this means you don't have to worry about breakage or damage that can weaken your hair over time. This makes it an extremely useful tool in the salon especially for women who color their hair because coloring without Olaplex can cause hair damage due to harsh chemicals!

Basically during chemical services like bleaching, permanent waving or straightening, free radicals are created which oxidize sulfurs within your hair. This essentially changes the way they bind with one another and reduces tensile strength. During hot oil treatments, Olaplex releases hydrogen ions which help to control how much oxidation is occurring. As a result of this, you get stronger bonds that last longer than untreated hair because the free radicals responsible for breaking down your tresses are neutralized!

How should you use Olaplex?

The best way to get the most out of your Olaplex products is to ensure that you're using them correctly. This means following directions and using them in conjunction with one another at all times! Here are some tips for getting the most out of these awesome hair care products:

Remember that you need all three components together to completely rebuild hair's structure . The Olaplex no.3 can be applied before chemical services while Olaplex 8 should be used on clean and fresh hair. Bond perfector must always be used with Olaplex no.0 because it enables penetration into broken bonds so they can be repaired!

Combine different kinds of Olaplex treatments together for complete results! You can use Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 together with a short frequency of difference with Olaplex 8 following after that. Always make sure to apply the required amount and leave each mixture on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off and continuing with other steps in your hair care routine!

The Olaplex home treatments are perfect for those who want longer-lasting color results because it helps reduce oxidation damage. It can also be used as a treatment to prevent breakage during chemical lightning! Apply half the amount of No.0 and No.3 hair perfector together 10 minutes before you process yourresses then rinse off after 20 minutes. 



Hair is the beautiful treasure every woman would want to cease with the best of shine and strength. The fundamental way to do this is by securing the hair bonds which these days are difficult to maintain. The reasons are unfavorable pollutants, harmful sun radiations, and the dependency on different kinds of heat stylers and chemical hair changing treatments like dying of hair. But all these things can be handled with the trending hair care trio- Olaplex 3Olaplex 0, and Olaplex 8 which holds the safest chemical compounds for treating weak or damaged hair bonds. If you have lost all the hope for healing your damaged hair follicles back to normal then follow up on these and we are sure, all your desires will come true. 

What makes Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex8 unique?

What combats the damage in these bottles is the patent Olaplex hair bond repairing and intensifying ingredient- Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate which multiplies the broken disulfide bonds of our hair by crosslinking them. This makes our hair strong and healthy. Other than this, the other hair-enhancing vegan components in this hair care supply are-Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Sodium Benzoate, Quaternium-91, Tetrasodium EDTA, to point some. All these are hair-safe and vegan!

How to use Olaplex 0 and 3 treatment?

This treatment is completed in two steps. First of all, is the application of Olaplex bottle no.1 which is followed by applying Olaplex bottle Olaplex no.3. Let’s run you through an in-detailed procedure to execute this.

#Step 1

Sectionize your hair properly so that the application can seep deep inside, covering all the areas of your hair shaft.

#Step 2

Spread the olaplex 0 evenly from the roots to the ends. This solution comes in a nozzled bottle and since it is liquidy, it can be directly applied to the hair. You can use a thick-toothed comb for spreading it perfectly. Apply on clean dry hair. Keep it on for settling till 10 minutes before you slide on to the next step.

#Step 3

Take the number 3 perfector on your palm. Its consistency is like a conditioner. A quantity of little more than the size of the coin shall be enough for mid-length straight hair. Rest you will have to figure out based on the thickness and length of your hair. Now spreading it evenly above the dried Olaplex No 0 solutions keep this on for a minimum of 10-20 minutes. However, the best results will be seen only if you keep it on for about an overnight time. 

#Step 4

Rinse your hair like you normally do. Make sure that the shampoo is organically prepared and free from all kinds of cruel chemicals.

Can we Use both independently?

Yes, these can also be used separately but then it won’t complete the intense bond-building treatment. The no.0 works like a primer to the olaplex 3 perfector. So, it is always suggested to use both in a combination only. Who doesn’t want to hit the best results after all, Right?

Wrap Up By Moisturizing Fortnightly with Olaplex 8!

To give the right hydration to your tresses, use the Olaplex No 8 intense hair moisturizing mask which is blessed with a few therapeutic properties of the bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. It has the power to give 6 times better smoothness, 4 times better hydration, and 2 times higher shine to your hair strands. 

To apply all you have to do is to shampoo your hair if dirty or simply dampen it if clean. Apply from mid-lengths to the ends and sparingly to the roots. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it completely using a shampoo and conditioner. Apply appropriate quantity. Too much or less can change the results upside down.

All these products can be shopped at These are perfect for all hair types!

Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, Olaplex 8: Magical Treatment for Hair

Are you facing hair problems? Don't worry; we have the best solution for you.

One in four people deals with several hair problems such as damaged hair, hair fall, and dryness. Presently, many branded and expensive shampoos and conditioners are available in the market, yet, Olaplex is the best treatment for making your hair shiny and healthy.


What is Olaplex?

 Olaplex is a multi-step remedy that makes hair stronger and thicker. It acts on a molecular level of the scalp and repairs breakage & damage caused by a polluted atmosphere. 

Olaplex has various ranges, from Olaplex 0 to Olaplex 8. However, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8 are the best to get strong and glossy hair.


What do Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3 and Olaplex 8 do?

1. Olaplex 0

Olaplex no. 0 works on molecular bonds of the hair and replenishes them.


Crucial benefits of Olaplex 0:

  • Maintains the overall structure of the hair.
  • Stimulate hair growth.
  • Nurture hair.
  • Fix the damage to the hair.
  • Create bonds in the hair.

 2. Olaplex 3


Olaplex no.3 is also called a Hair perfector that can be used at home to strengthen the hair.


Crucial benefits of Olaplex 3:

  •   Repair hair both internally and externally.
  • Favourable for all hair types.
  • Acts on breakable hair.
  • Make your hair appear shiny.

 3. Olaplex 8

Olaplex no.8 is a type of mask that adds volume and luster to the hair.

 Crucial benefits of Olaplex 8:

  • Works instantly just in 10 mins
  • add shine and moisture to the hair.
  • Sulphate-free.
  • High-weight formula.
  • Chemicals free. 

How to use Olaplex?

● Firstly, apply Olaplex 0 to your wet hair from the roots to the tips of the hair. You should apply it gradually to fill in all the hair, as it is a bond builder.

● Comb the hair and sprinkle it properly.

● Leave it for 10 minutes.

● After 10 minutes, apply Olaplex 3 to your hair and comb it gradually. Leave it for 30 minutes.

● Now it's time to rinse hair with shampoo and conditioner.

● After conditioning, hair gets clean, comb it, and apply Olaplex 8 to the hair properly. It should be distributed from the middle to the downside. It is like a mask, and it doubles shine and enhances smoothness.

● Leave it for another 10 minutes.

● Now, wash your hair without using shampoo.


 Now magic is going to happen and what you will see will surprise you.


You will see your hair will be soft and silky. When you touch your hair, it will rejuvenate you from your soul. Your hair has approximately eight times more moisturized as compared to before.


Surely, you want to use Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8 in the future to keep your hair shiny and healthy.


For better results, you should use Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8 together.


Ingredients in Olaplex 0

 ● Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate

● Phenoxyethanol

● Sodium Benzoate

● Water


Ingredients in Olaplex 3

● Retinyl Palmitate

● Ascorbic acid

● Propylene glycol

● Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate

● Hydrolyzed soy protein


Ingredients in Olaplex 8

 ● Hexyl cinnamal

● Limonene

● Aspartic Acid

● Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate

● Sodium PCA

● Oryza sativa Bran oil

● Sunflower seed oil

● Valine

● Water


It is interesting to note that Olaplex is free of chemicals that can damage or break the hair.

The products of Olaplex is free from:


● Sulfate

● Gluten

● Vegan

● Paraben

● Phthalate

● Phosphate

● Nut

● Aldehydes

● Silicone


Another feature that amazes you is that Olaplex is suitable for all hair types, whether curly or straight. It maintains the pH value of hair and keeps it cruelty-free. It refurbishes hair from thermal, mechanical, chemical, and environmental harm.


Olaplex products are never tested on animals for quality checking purposes. 


Try Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8 once, and you will be a regular user as it adores you deeply. It gives wonderful results even in one use that your trust builds up.


If you have any queries, you can reach us via mail or helpline number.





Surprising Benefits of Esponjabon Soap

We often hear that the beauty is only skin deep and skin is one such part of us that represents us for a very long time. So, taking care of our skin health becomes climacteric. There is a lot that you will find about the skin care regime but here we will discuss how Esponjabon Soap Mother of pearl can be a holistic routine to give you a happy looking skin.So, let us give you all the information related to this special soap bar…


Takes off your Dead Skin Cells

Many skin problems result because of the dead skin cells.This also stops the newer skin cells to grow which disturbs the skin cycle. A healthy skin sheds 40,000 skin cells every hour!  If these remain on the skin then it will not have a breather! Causing skin issues like whiteheads, blackheads and acne. But Esponjabon Soap has the the soap-cum-soap formula which gives your skin an exfoliation that is gentle yet apt to peel of all the dead skin cells. 


Treats darkened underarms

Many people shy away from wearing sleeveless, tube tops or dungris in order to avoid the embarrassment which results  as a result of the dark patches on the underarms. The causes of this skin problem varies from person to person ranging from genetic reasons, accumulation of dead skin cells,shaving using razor,antiperspirants and deodorants, inappropriate clothing, bacterial infections, smoking or melasma. 


But Esponjabon Soap has a skin lightening -effect on the armpits. Especially, the one that is formulated with the richness of Mother of Pearl aka 'Concha Nicar' extracts and Opuntia ficus-indica fruit extract, Esponjabon "Mother of Pearl" helps in renewing the skin structure and leaves soft and nourished skin. This gradually helps to lighten the darkened armpits.


Clears of Acanthosis Nigricans

Another common problem is having a dark neck which is faced by some where the neck appears black and folded. Again the cause can vary from person to person but major ones are hereditary, hormonal imbalance,increase in insulin level and obesity. Here, too the esponjabon soap’s ability to exfoliate and lighten the skin works to solve the issue perfectly.


Mother of pearl originates from the ocean and has many natural minerals which can rejuvenate the skin and following are some of the positive results that the consumers have observed.

  • Brightens skin by lightening the blemishes and pigmentation
  • Cleanses the pollutants acquired throughout the day
  • Protects from dead cells by its sponge property
  • Reduces appearance of the stretch marks
  • Purifies Pores with its gentle exfoliation feature
  • Smoothes skin to its natural form.


There are 6 variations of deploying the benefits of this soap. All are suitable for all skin types. Keep scrolling to pick your favorite- 


Can I use Esponjabon Soap on face?

The Mexican ingenuity Esponjabon soap is suitable for all areas of the body and that is what makes it a distinct exfoliation soap. It has many hydrating and nourishing ingredients that are not harsh for our skin even while it scrubs it.

Is Esponjabon Soap Organic?

Espojabon soap has naturalmingredients like nopal cactus extracts, glycerin, water, propylene glycol, sodium palmitate,  butylated hydroxytoluene, citrus extracts, Sodium bicarbonate, perfume, Titanium dioxide, sorbitol, Sodium lauryl ether sulfate, and Sodium palmate of fatty acids and mother of pearl if you are selecting Esponjabon Soap, Concha Nicar. Whatever type you select, they are all taken from the natural ingredients and the soap is processed organically which is why one should not skip it as a lifestyle soap bar.


Whatever skin issue is irritating you right now, just try this soap cum soap bar for 6 months and trust it will leave soothing effects on your skin! Order from a genuine store like and do share the experience with us!


Nourish Your Hair & Keep It On Top Conditions With Olaplex

Wondering why Olaplex products are so popular? This is a question that many of our clients have asked us, and when we started looking into it, the answer was obvious. Olaplex products offer all the benefits of every other hair product on the market, without any of their shortcomings. 

The intense chemical treatments that you subject your locks to can be brutalizing, but now there's help: A single compound found in Olaplex products such as Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, and Olaplex no.8 can transform broken bonds to new ones again. Proven successful by scientists at University College London decades ago, this patented ingredient has been re-engineered for use as an additive in hair colour formulations—and oh what a difference it makes!

What is Olaplex 0 and how to use it?

Olaplex  0 is a Bond Multiplier and should be applied to pre-lightened hair in between the bleaching process(es). That means, before applying bleach, you mix Olaplex no.0 with your lightener and apply it as usual. When this mixture reaches the damaged parts of the hair (the bonds), Olaplex repairs them and makes them better than new ones! This enables you to lift the hair higher, which will give you a much lighter result than using regular bleach without Olaplex. This high lift is called "double lift" or even "triple lift".

How do I know if I'm using the right amount?

If you are mixing it with your lightener, you should be able to see that all of the powder has dissolved before applying it to your hair. If you use too much, this will result in an unpleasant "crunchy" feeling after rinsing out your treatment. This would mean that some parts of your hairs are still bonded and those bonds will have to break again when washing out the bleach mix (or manually later), which is way more damaging than having a crunchy feeling during rinsing!

What is Olaplex 3 and how to use it?

Olaplex 3 is a single step treatment to get your hair back to health. It's not only for colour treated, bleached and highlighted hair. This can be done on virgin hair or coloured hair that has previously been dyed or broken from chemical processing (relaxers). The amazing part about Olaplex is that it repairs damage better than any other product I have ever used in my salon! It builds up where the natural protein in your nails would build up after getting a manicure. When you leave an Olaplex treatment on your hair for the recommended time of 20 minutes, it doesn't just mend damaged areas but actively rebuilds them. Imagine how strong your nail will be if you were able to build new layers of keratin protein!

How does Olaplex 8 help hair damage?

Olaplex 8 is an amazing hair treatment product that helps in repairing broken hair better than before. It has been formulated with the help of a technique called a bond multiplier and its basic function includes breaking down disulfide bonds which are responsible for causing damage to your hair upon chemical treatments. Olaplex 8 is the most recent version available in the market today and it further helps to reduce your daily grooming time by half. Here are some other benefits offered by this amazing formula:

- Helps in reducing breakage and split ends  of your hair while simultaneously strengthening them

- Equalizes porosity levels on all kinds of damaged hair including over-processed, brittle, coarse or coloured hair

- Repairs hair up to three times better than before

- Nourishes your hair by adding more shine and volume to it


Try This Trio Now!

Olaplex 0, and other products like Olaplex 3 and Olaplex 8 are among the best hair care products on the market today. They have a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rating, and there is a guarantee that you will see results after using these products. It's interesting to note that this guarantee is only valid if you purchase your bottles from authorized resellers like Spring Always. 



Style your hair as per your Face with Olaplex 8

Think about how you want to separate your hair and how you want it to look before you do it. Don't be concerned; we're not talking about your exercise regimen; rather, we're talking about your facial shape.

 What caused hair parts to become so contentious in the first place? The manner you split your hair is as automatic as your hair care regimen for most individuals. People are likely to notice if you alter your hair part since they have been used to seeing you with your hair in the same place for years. It's also possible that you selected the incorrect style for your face shape if you've ever experimented with a new hair part and noticed that something didn't seem right.

 Your cheekbones will be highlighted, harsh angles will be softened, and your face will be elongated when you learn to separate hair for a certain face shape. Because of its texture and length, our hair may assist frame our face form. However, the manner you separate your hair also has a big impact on how flattering it is to your face shape. Olaplex No 8 is one of the most popular hair moisturizers used by most individuals.

 How to figure out the form of your face is as follows:

 While selecting the perfect hair part for your face shape may not be your thing, it may have a comparable effect as contouring with cosmetics. What's the greatest part? It is not necessary to purchase a slew of new goods to make any adjustments. If you're not sure what your face shape is, take a measuring tape and record your measurements for the following features:

  • To measure your forehead's breadth, place the tape across it and hold it taut from one side to the other at its broadest point.

  • The breadth of the cheekbone: Measure the distance across the width of your cheekbone from where your hairline meets your cheekbone on one side.

  • The width of your jawline is measured starting behind your ears at the base of your jaw and continuing across your chin to the center of your chin. You may either continue across or take the first number and multiply it by two to get the second figure.

 Dimensions of your face are measured starting at the middle of your hairline and continuing down to the tip of your chin.

  1. If the measures of your cheekbones and face length are comparable, and they are bigger than the measurements of your forehead and jawline, you have a round face shape.

  2. Your face is square-shaped if all of your dimensions are pretty comparable to one another.

  3. The length of your face defines long face shape as the longest, and the rest of your measures being comparable in size.

  4. If the length of your face is the longest, followed by the height of your cheekbones and the width of your forehead, and the shortest is the width of your jawline, you have a diamond facial shape. A heart-shaped face may result from the sequence of events described above.

 Remember to take into account your other facial characteristics, such as the form of your jaw, chin, and cheekbones, in addition to the dimensions listed above to get you started. It is quite common to find oneself in the middle of two different facial forms.

 Some Tips: 

 To get the best results from this mask, you should follow the directions on the package. Then, from the mid-lengths to the ends of newly shampooed, wet hair, apply Olaplex 8. For shoulder-length hair, start with two pumps; use less or more depending on length. After 10 minutes, remove the product completely by rinsing well.


Rebuild Your Locks With Olaplex, The Hair Treatment That Can Blow Your Mind

Restore your hair to its healthiest state with Olaplex. Recommended by celebrity hairstylists, Olaplex’s innovative formula really repairs the hair from even years of abuse and this treatment will leave you feeling confident in showing your new healthy locks off to the world. The combination of Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3 and Olaplex 8 is not your average hair care product. If you're a woman on the go, one who's out there exploring life, then Olaplex will give you back your time, energy and happiness to do what you need to do so that when it comes down to carpooling for soccer practice or slaying in your fancy dress at a formal event, your hair always looks like it did before--or even better. 

Olaplex No. 0, Olaplex No 3 and Olaplex No. 8 penetrates into the hair fibre to remove excessive chemical bonds found in hair colour, bleach and other acidic products. That destructive aftermath builds up over time creating weakened strands that are more susceptible to breakage. It repairs these broken down bonds restoring essential amino acids for a visibly improved appearance and increased elasticity.

What does Olaplex 0 do to your hair?

The moment you step into the salon, your hair's got to go through that intense heat. You know Olaplex 0 can't bring it back just like new but what it can do is prime up that hair and make those locks 3X stronger. Also, scientifically proven means there's no guesswork involved.

This new product will have your hair looking its best from the first application. Also, scientifically proven to mend broken strands and protect the integrity of your hair while being gentle on strands. This product has everything you want - it looks good now, feels good later, and protects against future damage with every use. Protect your hair from breakage to boost strength and resilience. This was created by a team of chemists, scientists, and cosmetic engineers who are experts at all about the hair follicle. 

What does Olaplex 3 do to your hair?

The Olaplex 3 has been engineered to repair your hair, leaving it at its healthiest and most functional state. It works towards strengthening the hair's elasticity by restoring strands that are weak or damaged, reducing breakage, correcting previous damage caused by bleaching or other practices, while also leaving your hair looking healthy and vibrant with a beautiful shine. With a PH balance of 3.5-5 this product is safe for colour-treated hair - you won't have to worry about stripping away the colours you've chosen after working with Olaplex either! 

The formula was created after years of research (seriously!), so no matter what kind of products you use beforehand we guarantee results! So, if you are ready to boost your luck and protect your hair from hard water? It is perfect for anyone who wants their hair to become stronger, more vibrant, and healthier. Take on the most extreme of conditions with this product that leaves hair looking gorgeous!

What does Olaplex 8 do to your hair?

Embrace your natural hair texture, de-frizz away. Olaplex 8 Hair Mask is like a gift of love and hydration for the most sensitive or dry hair. The result of this powerful salon formula is 6x smoother locks that are strong and resilient against damage to the core! It is a reparative hair mask that provides intense moisture and treats damaged hair to make it effortlessly smooth. It's made with emollients, humectants, conditioners, and antioxidants so each of your strands will get restored back to its healthy state. 

With increased hair damage, the most sensitive and brittle pieces of your tresses are exposed to unprecedented levels of breakage and tear. Olaplex's 8th formula has filled this gap in the industry with a protein-based product that will rebuild a weathered, damaged mane to strengthen its resilience before it's too late! 


Be In a Style with Olaplex 3

No need to take Olaplex from your colorist's supply; there are many ways to get it. In this case, Olaplex 3 is the solution: an at-home version of the salon treatment that is intended to prevent and restore damage caused by coloring or bleaching hair. So, precisely, how can Olaplex 3 prevent your hair from falling out in clumps?

 It's a procedure that's quite similar to how the original Olaplex works, so let's go through it again from scratch. The technology used in the professional-only solutions is designed to restore damaged disulfide bonds.

 When you color your hair, these connections are essential for keeping the keratin fibers that make up your hair together, and they are often disrupted throughout the process. While your hair is being lifted or treated, the use of Olaplex may assist in the reconstruction of these structures.

 Functioning of Olaplex 3 

  • Following a hair coloring session, the at-home treatment is intended to provide the same results. The product is designed to be a strengthening treatment rather than a conditioner, which is what many post-dye treatments are actually.

  • It is thus actively trying to repair the disulfide bonds that have been damaged while it is sitting in your hair. It also results in hair that is more resistant to breakage and flyaways and hair that is more robust and healthier looking.

  • The application process is almost identical to that of a typical hair mask, with the exception of the fact that you do not wash your hair beforehand. You should immediately begin applying it to wet or towel-dried hair to get the desired results. Distribute a quarter-size quantity of the product through your hair. Cover [your hair] entirely and leave on overnight or for a few hours in the morning.

  • According to the manufacturer, the application of Olaplex 3 on damaged hair should be made two to three times each week. While it's intended to be washed out, it may be left in to act as a styling agent to combat frizz if desired.

 What Olaplex 3 Does? 

 In addition to strengthening and protecting your hair, this concentrated treatment also helps repair damaged strands and restore your hair to its natural luster.

 Chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage to the hair may cause disulfide bonds to break, which can be repaired using this first-of-its-kind and patent-protected bond-building technique.

Each hair type may benefit from this solution, which provides genuine, a structural restoration that is effective from the inside out.

 What more should you be aware of?  

  1. It's appropriate for all hair types, including fine and wavy.

  2. Repairs and strengthens damaged and weakened hair.

  3. It strengthens and preserves the structure of the hair.

  4. Restores the look and texture of healthy skin.

 Uses that are recommended 

  1. Working from the roots to the ends, apply a liberal quantity of OLAPLEX No. 3 to wet, towel-dried hair and work through.

  2. When shampooing your hair, it is recommended to use a mild shampoo to remove product buildups such as oil or silicone.

  3. When possible, let hair damp and towel-dried to assist preserve the product 4.

  4. Process for at least 10 minutes, preferably longer. Hair that has suffered significant damage may be left on for up to 20 minutes.

  5. After rinsing, we suggest using Olaplex NO. 4 shampoo and Olaplex NO. 5 conditioner to get the best results possible.

 To Sum Up 

 Even though Olaplex has become a household word among salon patrons, few people know what it does or why so many hair professionals use it. Despite its widespread usage and well-known name, Olaplex remains a mystery to the general public.



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