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Rejuvenate Your Body With Esponjabon Soap “Mother Of Pearl”

The Esponjabon Soap Mother of Pearl is a scrubbing cleanser that leaves your skin feeling revitalized and radiant with every use. The non-irritating formula moisturizes the facial skin while loosening excess skin cells for easier removal. 

Watch as the creamy foamy bubbles lift off dirt, dead skins cells, and other impurities from your face, leaving you confident in knowing that all of these are removed before they have a chance to clog pores or cause imperfections. Restore balance to your mind & rejuvenate your body by keeping yourself free from breakouts!

Is Esponjabon Soap Worth Buying?

Definitely. Esponjabon Soap uses a special blend of sea minerals that are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. The soap draws out impurities and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to rejuvenate the complexion. The magnesium in the soap helps cleanse the skin, while also extracting dry skin cells for softer, smoother post-shower skin!

The soft, rich bubbles of Esponjabon Soap will leave your skin moisturized and feeling perfectly clean. Made in Mexico for over years with clinically tested ingredients, this soap comes with a beautiful lace-work design that is delicate yet durable enough to be passed down through generations. Mild enough for even the most sensitive scalps, Esponjabon Soap “Mother Of Pearl” leaves you feeling radiant every day!

Shall I replace my regular soap with Esponjabon Soap?

A soap made of pure Mother-of-Pearl clinically tested to brighten your skin and remove dirt after a long day. This natural exfoliator is infused with natural oils that moisturize your skin as it gently scrubs away dead skin cells. Give yourself the gift of soft, glowing skin every day with Esponjabon Soap 'Mother Of Pearl".

It comprises a luxe Caribbean beauty and is the perfect antidote to uneven skin tone. The beautifully small bar contains pearls that exfoliate your skin and remove all impurities, while also moisturizing your delicate pores and preventing future clogs! Featuring finely blended ingredients and sparkling sand for too long unsightly dead cells, the sponge soap also comes with Clinically Tested Vitamin C that helps create supple, moisturized skin while lifting off the dirt and removing excess oil - without stripping away the natural oils essential to healthy-looking skin. A wonderful gift idea too!

In how many days shall I expect results with using Esponjabon Soap?

Ancient Asian secret: Wash face before bed, wash face before leaving home. Water cleanses the body and mind. Esponjabon Soap's cleansing effect is evident in just a few days. It works on your skin 24 hours a day. One of its benefits includes reducing blackheads. It takes about 3-5 weeks to achieve clean, smooth and healthy skin.

How do I use Esponjabon Soap?

To make suds, wet the soap with a little water (less is more). Lather and scrub all over the body. Rinse off completely or wipe off with a towel. It takes 30 seconds to wash your face or body but you get the benefits for months. 


Esponjabon Soap's formula is based on a traditional recipe used by Mexicans for centuries. Many of the ingredients are organic, including sea minerals, cactus extracts, water and glycerin. It has no synthetic preservatives or additives and does not contain animal fats. 

Can Esponjabon Soap be used by men, women and children of all ages?

Yes. All skin types can benefit from using the soap every day including oily, dry and sensitive. Kids as young as three have started using the soap with great results. In fact, it is a common practice in Korea to give soap to children starting at the age of two. 

Nowadays, many Koreans and Mexicans buy Esponjabon bar soap mainly for washing their face and body but some are still using it primarily for washing clothes like their parents did before them. It is one of many grooming items that remind us of our humble beginnings, an era that we should never forget.   


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