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Surprising Benefits of Esponjabon Soap

We often hear that the beauty is only skin deep and skin is one such part of us that represents us for a very long time. So, taking care of our skin health becomes climacteric. There is a lot that you will find about the skin care regime but here we will discuss how Esponjabon Soap Mother of pearl can be a holistic routine to give you a happy looking skin.So, let us give you all the information related to this special soap bar…


Takes off your Dead Skin Cells

Many skin problems result because of the dead skin cells.This also stops the newer skin cells to grow which disturbs the skin cycle. A healthy skin sheds 40,000 skin cells every hour!  If these remain on the skin then it will not have a breather! Causing skin issues like whiteheads, blackheads and acne. But Esponjabon Soap has the the soap-cum-soap formula which gives your skin an exfoliation that is gentle yet apt to peel of all the dead skin cells. 


Treats darkened underarms

Many people shy away from wearing sleeveless, tube tops or dungris in order to avoid the embarrassment which results  as a result of the dark patches on the underarms. The causes of this skin problem varies from person to person ranging from genetic reasons, accumulation of dead skin cells,shaving using razor,antiperspirants and deodorants, inappropriate clothing, bacterial infections, smoking or melasma. 


But Esponjabon Soap has a skin lightening -effect on the armpits. Especially, the one that is formulated with the richness of Mother of Pearl aka 'Concha Nicar' extracts and Opuntia ficus-indica fruit extract, Esponjabon "Mother of Pearl" helps in renewing the skin structure and leaves soft and nourished skin. This gradually helps to lighten the darkened armpits.


Clears of Acanthosis Nigricans

Another common problem is having a dark neck which is faced by some where the neck appears black and folded. Again the cause can vary from person to person but major ones are hereditary, hormonal imbalance,increase in insulin level and obesity. Here, too the esponjabon soap’s ability to exfoliate and lighten the skin works to solve the issue perfectly.


Mother of pearl originates from the ocean and has many natural minerals which can rejuvenate the skin and following are some of the positive results that the consumers have observed.

  • Brightens skin by lightening the blemishes and pigmentation
  • Cleanses the pollutants acquired throughout the day
  • Protects from dead cells by its sponge property
  • Reduces appearance of the stretch marks
  • Purifies Pores with its gentle exfoliation feature
  • Smoothes skin to its natural form.


There are 6 variations of deploying the benefits of this soap. All are suitable for all skin types. Keep scrolling to pick your favorite- 


Can I use Esponjabon Soap on face?

The Mexican ingenuity Esponjabon soap is suitable for all areas of the body and that is what makes it a distinct exfoliation soap. It has many hydrating and nourishing ingredients that are not harsh for our skin even while it scrubs it.

Is Esponjabon Soap Organic?

Espojabon soap has naturalmingredients like nopal cactus extracts, glycerin, water, propylene glycol, sodium palmitate,  butylated hydroxytoluene, citrus extracts, Sodium bicarbonate, perfume, Titanium dioxide, sorbitol, Sodium lauryl ether sulfate, and Sodium palmate of fatty acids and mother of pearl if you are selecting Esponjabon Soap, Concha Nicar. Whatever type you select, they are all taken from the natural ingredients and the soap is processed organically which is why one should not skip it as a lifestyle soap bar.


Whatever skin issue is irritating you right now, just try this soap cum soap bar for 6 months and trust it will leave soothing effects on your skin! Order from a genuine store like and do share the experience with us!


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