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Be In a Style with Olaplex 3

No need to take Olaplex from your colorist's supply; there are many ways to get it. In this case, Olaplex 3 is the solution: an at-home version of the salon treatment that is intended to prevent and restore damage caused by coloring or bleaching hair. So, precisely, how can Olaplex 3 prevent your hair from falling out in clumps?

 It's a procedure that's quite similar to how the original Olaplex works, so let's go through it again from scratch. The technology used in the professional-only solutions is designed to restore damaged disulfide bonds.

 When you color your hair, these connections are essential for keeping the keratin fibers that make up your hair together, and they are often disrupted throughout the process. While your hair is being lifted or treated, the use of Olaplex may assist in the reconstruction of these structures.

 Functioning of Olaplex 3 

  • Following a hair coloring session, the at-home treatment is intended to provide the same results. The product is designed to be a strengthening treatment rather than a conditioner, which is what many post-dye treatments are actually.

  • It is thus actively trying to repair the disulfide bonds that have been damaged while it is sitting in your hair. It also results in hair that is more resistant to breakage and flyaways and hair that is more robust and healthier looking.

  • The application process is almost identical to that of a typical hair mask, with the exception of the fact that you do not wash your hair beforehand. You should immediately begin applying it to wet or towel-dried hair to get the desired results. Distribute a quarter-size quantity of the product through your hair. Cover [your hair] entirely and leave on overnight or for a few hours in the morning.

  • According to the manufacturer, the application of Olaplex 3 on damaged hair should be made two to three times each week. While it's intended to be washed out, it may be left in to act as a styling agent to combat frizz if desired.

 What Olaplex 3 Does? 

 In addition to strengthening and protecting your hair, this concentrated treatment also helps repair damaged strands and restore your hair to its natural luster.

 Chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage to the hair may cause disulfide bonds to break, which can be repaired using this first-of-its-kind and patent-protected bond-building technique.

Each hair type may benefit from this solution, which provides genuine, a structural restoration that is effective from the inside out.

 What more should you be aware of?  

  1. It's appropriate for all hair types, including fine and wavy.

  2. Repairs and strengthens damaged and weakened hair.

  3. It strengthens and preserves the structure of the hair.

  4. Restores the look and texture of healthy skin.

 Uses that are recommended 

  1. Working from the roots to the ends, apply a liberal quantity of OLAPLEX No. 3 to wet, towel-dried hair and work through.

  2. When shampooing your hair, it is recommended to use a mild shampoo to remove product buildups such as oil or silicone.

  3. When possible, let hair damp and towel-dried to assist preserve the product 4.

  4. Process for at least 10 minutes, preferably longer. Hair that has suffered significant damage may be left on for up to 20 minutes.

  5. After rinsing, we suggest using Olaplex NO. 4 shampoo and Olaplex NO. 5 conditioner to get the best results possible.

 To Sum Up 

 Even though Olaplex has become a household word among salon patrons, few people know what it does or why so many hair professionals use it. Despite its widespread usage and well-known name, Olaplex remains a mystery to the general public.



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