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Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 – A Quick Guide to Using Olaplex for Hair Growth

Olaplex Hair Care

A product that was once reserved for professional use in hair salons, Olaplex has since found its way into people’s homes. Olaplex has become a cult product with almost everyone, from haircare aficionados to beauty editors, and is regarded by Allure as one of the best hair products in the beauty business.

For those looking in from the outside, Olaplex, according to Bustle, is a brand with an eight-step product system designed to restore broken bonds in the hair, which in turn makes hair smoother, silkier, stronger, and more resilient. It is critical to note that of the eight-step product, two are meant for professional use, while the other six are available to buy and use at home.

The products for professional use in the salon are the Olaplex 1 Bond Multiplier and the Olaplex 2 Bond Perfector Treatment. The other products for home use are the Olaplex 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector, Olaplex 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, Olaplex 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, Olaplex 6 Bond Smoother, Olaplex 7 Bonding Oil, and Olaplex 8 Bond Intensive Mask.

When people hear the name Olaplex, what instantly comes to mind is the miracle product that creates silky smooth hair. But, can Olaplex actually grow your hair? Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about Olaplex 0Olaplex 3, and Olaplex 8.

First things first, how does Olaplex work? According to dermatologists, the best product for hair growth is the Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector. The active ingredients in the product make it the ideal product for any hair as it strengthens weakened hair, repairs split ends, prevents future damages, increasing the softness and shine of your hair in the process.

According to Glamour, Olaplex works at the molecular level, repairing the bonds that make up the hair, and by restoring these bonds, it makes hair softer, stronger, and healthier. Olaplex is considered the “secret weapon” for healthier hair.

Can Olaplex Be Used for Hair Growth?

The Olaplex products are not designed to promote new hair growth, treat thinning hair, or hair loss. However, thousands of users have said that Olaplex has restored their confidence, and helped grow their hair. So, the next question becomes how can Olaplex help with hair growth when it was not particularly designed to do that?

The answer is indeed simple. Since Olaplex restores hair at the molecular level (inside the hair shaft), the treatment helps to keep the hair you already have healthy, breakage free, and strong, and it goes without saying that a healthy hair, is a growing hair.

Olaplex helps to repair the breakage and damage caused by hair treatments like bleaching or relaxing the hair, which makes your hair susceptible to breaking and prevents it from growing into a full luscious lock. Once the damages are repaired by Olaplex, and the bonds are intact and strong, your hair is likely to grow stronger, healthier, and go on to reach its growth potential.

When Can I Use Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3, or Olaplex 8?

Finding and sticking to a particular hair routine can be challenging, but with Olaplex, you have a step-by-step process specifically designed to meet your hair needs and give you the best hair. Since Olaplex is a bit pricey, you can save some money by figuring out when to use the different Olaplex products.

Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 – The starting point of the eight-system product is the Olaplex no 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, which is the primer in the hair restoration process. The Olaplex 0 is designed to repair and strengthen, and it is great for any hair. Once the hair has been primed, Olaplex No 3 can be used after Olaplex no 0, as a cohesive treatment.

Olaplex 8 – Recently added to the product line of superheroes, the Olaplex No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask is a product engineered to give your hair the best possible appeal. It is ideal for use when you want to add an extra touch of care and treatment and feel your best.

If you decide to use Olaplex for your hair, you are in great company, since stars like Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Drew Barrymore use the same products. Olaplex delivers and your hair gets better for it.


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