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Style your hair as per your Face with Olaplex 8

Think about how you want to separate your hair and how you want it to look before you do it. Don't be concerned; we're not talking about your exercise regimen; rather, we're talking about your facial shape.

 What caused hair parts to become so contentious in the first place? The manner you split your hair is as automatic as your hair care regimen for most individuals. People are likely to notice if you alter your hair part since they have been used to seeing you with your hair in the same place for years. It's also possible that you selected the incorrect style for your face shape if you've ever experimented with a new hair part and noticed that something didn't seem right.

 Your cheekbones will be highlighted, harsh angles will be softened, and your face will be elongated when you learn to separate hair for a certain face shape. Because of its texture and length, our hair may assist frame our face form. However, the manner you separate your hair also has a big impact on how flattering it is to your face shape. Olaplex No 8 is one of the most popular hair moisturizers used by most individuals.

 How to figure out the form of your face is as follows:

 While selecting the perfect hair part for your face shape may not be your thing, it may have a comparable effect as contouring with cosmetics. What's the greatest part? It is not necessary to purchase a slew of new goods to make any adjustments. If you're not sure what your face shape is, take a measuring tape and record your measurements for the following features:

  • To measure your forehead's breadth, place the tape across it and hold it taut from one side to the other at its broadest point.

  • The breadth of the cheekbone: Measure the distance across the width of your cheekbone from where your hairline meets your cheekbone on one side.

  • The width of your jawline is measured starting behind your ears at the base of your jaw and continuing across your chin to the center of your chin. You may either continue across or take the first number and multiply it by two to get the second figure.

 Dimensions of your face are measured starting at the middle of your hairline and continuing down to the tip of your chin.

  1. If the measures of your cheekbones and face length are comparable, and they are bigger than the measurements of your forehead and jawline, you have a round face shape.

  2. Your face is square-shaped if all of your dimensions are pretty comparable to one another.

  3. The length of your face defines long face shape as the longest, and the rest of your measures being comparable in size.

  4. If the length of your face is the longest, followed by the height of your cheekbones and the width of your forehead, and the shortest is the width of your jawline, you have a diamond facial shape. A heart-shaped face may result from the sequence of events described above.

 Remember to take into account your other facial characteristics, such as the form of your jaw, chin, and cheekbones, in addition to the dimensions listed above to get you started. It is quite common to find oneself in the middle of two different facial forms.

 Some Tips: 

 To get the best results from this mask, you should follow the directions on the package. Then, from the mid-lengths to the ends of newly shampooed, wet hair, apply Olaplex 8. For shoulder-length hair, start with two pumps; use less or more depending on length. After 10 minutes, remove the product completely by rinsing well.


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