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Hair is the beautiful treasure every woman would want to cease with the best of shine and strength. The fundamental way to do this is by securing the hair bonds which these days are difficult to maintain. The reasons are unfavorable pollutants, harmful sun radiations, and the dependency on different kinds of heat stylers and chemical hair changing treatments like dying of hair. But all these things can be handled with the trending hair care trio- Olaplex 3Olaplex 0, and Olaplex 8 which holds the safest chemical compounds for treating weak or damaged hair bonds. If you have lost all the hope for healing your damaged hair follicles back to normal then follow up on these and we are sure, all your desires will come true. 

What makes Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex8 unique?

What combats the damage in these bottles is the patent Olaplex hair bond repairing and intensifying ingredient- Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate which multiplies the broken disulfide bonds of our hair by crosslinking them. This makes our hair strong and healthy. Other than this, the other hair-enhancing vegan components in this hair care supply are-Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Sodium Benzoate, Quaternium-91, Tetrasodium EDTA, to point some. All these are hair-safe and vegan!

How to use Olaplex 0 and 3 treatment?

This treatment is completed in two steps. First of all, is the application of Olaplex bottle no.1 which is followed by applying Olaplex bottle Olaplex no.3. Let’s run you through an in-detailed procedure to execute this.

#Step 1

Sectionize your hair properly so that the application can seep deep inside, covering all the areas of your hair shaft.

#Step 2

Spread the olaplex 0 evenly from the roots to the ends. This solution comes in a nozzled bottle and since it is liquidy, it can be directly applied to the hair. You can use a thick-toothed comb for spreading it perfectly. Apply on clean dry hair. Keep it on for settling till 10 minutes before you slide on to the next step.

#Step 3

Take the number 3 perfector on your palm. Its consistency is like a conditioner. A quantity of little more than the size of the coin shall be enough for mid-length straight hair. Rest you will have to figure out based on the thickness and length of your hair. Now spreading it evenly above the dried Olaplex No 0 solutions keep this on for a minimum of 10-20 minutes. However, the best results will be seen only if you keep it on for about an overnight time. 

#Step 4

Rinse your hair like you normally do. Make sure that the shampoo is organically prepared and free from all kinds of cruel chemicals.

Can we Use both independently?

Yes, these can also be used separately but then it won’t complete the intense bond-building treatment. The no.0 works like a primer to the olaplex 3 perfector. So, it is always suggested to use both in a combination only. Who doesn’t want to hit the best results after all, Right?

Wrap Up By Moisturizing Fortnightly with Olaplex 8!

To give the right hydration to your tresses, use the Olaplex No 8 intense hair moisturizing mask which is blessed with a few therapeutic properties of the bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. It has the power to give 6 times better smoothness, 4 times better hydration, and 2 times higher shine to your hair strands. 

To apply all you have to do is to shampoo your hair if dirty or simply dampen it if clean. Apply from mid-lengths to the ends and sparingly to the roots. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it completely using a shampoo and conditioner. Apply appropriate quantity. Too much or less can change the results upside down.

All these products can be shopped at These are perfect for all hair types!

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