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Rebuild Your Locks With Olaplex, The Hair Treatment That Can Blow Your Mind

Restore your hair to its healthiest state with Olaplex. Recommended by celebrity hairstylists, Olaplex’s innovative formula really repairs the hair from even years of abuse and this treatment will leave you feeling confident in showing your new healthy locks off to the world. The combination of Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3 and Olaplex 8 is not your average hair care product. If you're a woman on the go, one who's out there exploring life, then Olaplex will give you back your time, energy and happiness to do what you need to do so that when it comes down to carpooling for soccer practice or slaying in your fancy dress at a formal event, your hair always looks like it did before--or even better. 

Olaplex No. 0, Olaplex No 3 and Olaplex No. 8 penetrates into the hair fibre to remove excessive chemical bonds found in hair colour, bleach and other acidic products. That destructive aftermath builds up over time creating weakened strands that are more susceptible to breakage. It repairs these broken down bonds restoring essential amino acids for a visibly improved appearance and increased elasticity.

What does Olaplex 0 do to your hair?

The moment you step into the salon, your hair's got to go through that intense heat. You know Olaplex 0 can't bring it back just like new but what it can do is prime up that hair and make those locks 3X stronger. Also, scientifically proven means there's no guesswork involved.

This new product will have your hair looking its best from the first application. Also, scientifically proven to mend broken strands and protect the integrity of your hair while being gentle on strands. This product has everything you want - it looks good now, feels good later, and protects against future damage with every use. Protect your hair from breakage to boost strength and resilience. This was created by a team of chemists, scientists, and cosmetic engineers who are experts at all about the hair follicle. 

What does Olaplex 3 do to your hair?

The Olaplex 3 has been engineered to repair your hair, leaving it at its healthiest and most functional state. It works towards strengthening the hair's elasticity by restoring strands that are weak or damaged, reducing breakage, correcting previous damage caused by bleaching or other practices, while also leaving your hair looking healthy and vibrant with a beautiful shine. With a PH balance of 3.5-5 this product is safe for colour-treated hair - you won't have to worry about stripping away the colours you've chosen after working with Olaplex either! 

The formula was created after years of research (seriously!), so no matter what kind of products you use beforehand we guarantee results! So, if you are ready to boost your luck and protect your hair from hard water? It is perfect for anyone who wants their hair to become stronger, more vibrant, and healthier. Take on the most extreme of conditions with this product that leaves hair looking gorgeous!

What does Olaplex 8 do to your hair?

Embrace your natural hair texture, de-frizz away. Olaplex 8 Hair Mask is like a gift of love and hydration for the most sensitive or dry hair. The result of this powerful salon formula is 6x smoother locks that are strong and resilient against damage to the core! It is a reparative hair mask that provides intense moisture and treats damaged hair to make it effortlessly smooth. It's made with emollients, humectants, conditioners, and antioxidants so each of your strands will get restored back to its healthy state. 

With increased hair damage, the most sensitive and brittle pieces of your tresses are exposed to unprecedented levels of breakage and tear. Olaplex's 8th formula has filled this gap in the industry with a protein-based product that will rebuild a weathered, damaged mane to strengthen its resilience before it's too late! 


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